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                           January 31st, 2021

                                      In Loving Memory

                        Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pede

It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that the SCJA's founder and guiding light for so many years, Wally Pede, passed away today peacefully at home.  Wally was 97 1/2.  Wally, or the Colonel as he was known to everybody, with his wife Kay, was the breeder of the famous Scheherezade Afghan Hounds behind so many pedigrees beginning in the 1950s.  Winner of the Group at Crufts while stationed in England with the Air Force, he went on to produce numerous champions and famous top dogs of the '60s and '70's.  He was an AKC judge for over 50 years, and his standing in the ring at Parade Rest was iconic.


Wally, with Mel Downing, Joe Gregory and several other longtime prominent dog people, founded the SCJA in his living room in Springfield, VA in the 1980s.  The SCJA is proud of the many changes to the dog show world that, through Wally's leadership, spearheaded such issues as basic canine judging education, hands-on training, assisting judges in addressing issues with judges approval and discipline as well as many other accomplishments.





January 18th, 2022

In Loving Memory, Jospeh E. Gregory


It is with a heavy heart we report we have lost one of SCJA's key-founding members & Vice-President, Joe Gregory.  Joe, who everyone knew as a great guy & true dog person, was 94 & still judging.  We all remember Joe dancing his way across the ring as he wrestled with a tough decision. Joe was a key supporter of protecting the rights of judges & assisted the organization in many ways, big & small.  Our sympathies to Evalyn & Joey & his many great friends in the sport.




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