The Senior Conformation Judges Association created the SCJA Education Foundation in 1984 leading the way in judges’ education.There was no national judges’ education at the AKC or anywhere else in the country when, as part of our original concept, the SCJA established our Education Foundation. This SCJA Education Foundation is the grandfather of judges' education having pioneered judges' education with the very first week-long Judges Institute in the country in 1989 that provided the model for the AKC and other judges groups to emulate. That week long Judges Institute was held at Indiana University in Pennsylvania.

This first week long Judges Institute was preceded by the FIRST SENIOR CONFORMATION JUDGE'S ASSOCIATION TRAINING MATCH. B.J. Andrews wrote, that Sunday, June 12, 1988, "...signifies a new beginning in the annals of dog show history..." "It (the training match) was a "test run" but indeed, it will have a tremendously positive impact on everyone involved in dog shows!"

Read the complete original article, THE FIRST SENIOR CONFORMATION JUDGE'S ASSOCIATION (SCJA) Training Match by B.J. Andrews by clicking HERE.


As education of dog judges grew, the Board of Directors of the Senior Conformation Judges Association (SCJA) decided that the purposes of the SCJA and their Education Foundation were entirely different. To make it clear that it is a separate corporation, the SCJA later changed the name to the AMERICAN CANINE EDUCATION FOUNDATION (ACEF).

The American Canine Education Foundation (ACEF) was formed, and is a national association dedicated to the education of all judges, potential judges, breeders, handlers, and exhibitors. The IRS recognizes the American Canine Education Foundation as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) educational association.


National parent clubs have been involved in both the SCJA Education Foundation and the ACEF's educational events since their inception. The ACEF conducts Group-specific Graduate Institutes in various parts of the country. All breeds within a Group are presented. The ACEF’s Basic and Graduate Institutes are open to all, and there are no restrictions on having been approved for a number of breeds. Read copies of letters written by AKC officials after our very first Basic Judges Institute – the first Institute in the country.

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